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Correcting failed treatment

What are the warning signs of a failed implant?

It can be rather disappointing if we realise that the costly treatment has failed or it has not been performed properly. It might be necessary to remove your implant and repeat the procedure. It is important to discuss the treatment options in advance. If the implant is loose, you often feel pain, the gum around the implant is swollen, or you notice oozing or bleeding. Your dentist will take an X-ray of the implant and examine you carefully to reveal the cause of the problem.

Correcting failed treatment

When is it necessary to remove the implant?

Before placing the implant it is essential to assess the quality of your bone, because it supports the implant. If this base is not strong enough, bone replacement is required. If bone replacement fails, the implant has to be removed. Fehér Dent Aesthetic Clinic has all means to place implants, make restorations or correct failed treatment. Has your implant failed? Visit us to discuss the treatment options.