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Dental technology

Aesthetics, quality and precision in Szeged

Dentists at Fehér Dent Aesthetic Dental Clinic are committed to provide the best and most effective treatment for you by applying advanced dental technology. Our dental technician, András Horváth and his highly qualified team help us to fabricate precise, high-quality dental devices. Besides the highest quality, we put great emphasis on aesthetic requirements, so our restorations are natural-looking, as well as non-allergic.

Dental technology

State-of-the-art dental technology

State-of-the-art CAD/CAM technology applied by Dental Studio Line laboratory guarantees fabrication of high precision restorations, while the use of zirconium results in more natural looking prostheses. The application of high technology eliminates technical mistakes and allows the technicians to focus on individual solutions. The biggest advantage of restorations fabricated with this technology is that they are non-allergic and do not have any harmful effects on your body. Expertise of the technicians at Dental Studio Line laboratory and application of the latest technology guarantee that you will have durable and highly aesthetic restorations at Fehér Dent Aesthetic Dental Clinic.