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Foods and drinks that strengthen your teeth

Apart from maintaining good oral hygiene, it is important to care about your diet. Prevention is the best method to avoid tooth decay and other oral diseases.

What do dentists recommend?
It is widely known that acid containing foods are harmful for your teeth. Citrus fruits contain a lot of Vitamin C and strengthen the immune system, but they can damage the enamel and thus your teeth. Dentists recommend brushing your teeth after drinking orange juice or eating citrus fruits to restore the healthy pH level of your mouth. You can use sugar-free chewing gum as well, although it does not replace tooth brushing after meals, since the deposits remaining on your teeth can lead to tooth decay. According to dentists the consistency of the food you eat also matters. If you do not load your teeth evenly, the teeth you do not chew on may become loose. By strengthening your chewing muscles and loading your teeth evenly you can prevent weakening of the bone and losing your teeth.  Dentists recommend loading the teeth according to their function.

What type of foods can strengthen teeth?
Certain types of food can be beneficial for your teeth, and by consuming such foods you can preserve the health of your teeth. Dentists recommend consuming foods rich in calcium and fluoride, such as fish and dairy products. Consuming cheese after acidic foods can balance the harmful effect of acids.  It is less known that green tea contains much fluoride and has antibacterial effects, so it can prevent tooth decay.

What types of food can you eat when you have braces?
If you have braces, you should take more care of oral hygiene and your diet. For a few days after the placement of braces you are advised to eat soft, mashed or liquid foods. This increased care should be maintained as long as you wear braces, not only during the first few days. Improper oral hygiene can lead to serious dental problems.  Avoid eating sticky foods, such as caramel or jelly candy, but hard foods can also cause problems: they can damage the braces which may lengthen the treatment. Do not eat nuts (e.g. walnut) or hard fruits (e.g. hard apples). When you eat solid foods, such as pastries, tear them into smaller pieces and chew them well.

What to do after oral surgical interventions?
After oral surgical interventions (e.g. tooth extraction) avoid eating or drinking until the bleeding has stopped. Do not eat dairy products for about one week. These foods ferment in the mouth and produce bacteria, which can lead to infection of the wound. Always rinse your mouth after eating to reduce the risk of wound infection.

You can prevent dental problems with proper oral hygiene
No matter what you eat or drink, if you have proper oral hygiene, you have made a big step towards healthy teeth. You are also recommended to have a dental check-up every 6-12 month to screen for unnoticed dental diseases. If you would like to have healthy teeth, visit Fehér Dent Aesthetic Dental Clinic in a friendly and modern environment.