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Living microorganisms in the mouth- Everyting about the oral bacterial flora

It might be surprising to you, but your body is home to 2.5 kg of bacteria. There are about 30 different strains of bacteria in your mouth. Do not worry, these microorganisms are essential parts of the body’s natural bacterial flora. They play a very important role in maintaining the normal function of the body. Disturbance in the bacterial environment of the mouth can lead to serious oral diseases. That is why regular dental visits are recommended.

What can disturb the bacterial flora of the mouth?
At birth the oral cavity is free of bacteria, but as you grow older the bacteria that make up the natural flora of the mouth begin to appear. The natural bacterial flora can be disturbed by many things. The most common factors that have a bad effect on your oral health are smoking, alcohol consumption and improper diet. The bacterial flora of your mouth is not stable, it depends on your diet, the drinks you consume, the composition of your saliva and the condition of your immune system. Your oral hygiene and the condition of your teeth can also affect the bacterial flora. Oral diseases or tooth decay can be harmful for the mouth, just as injury to your teeth or the lining of the mouth. If you are healthy, the bacterial flora of your mouth is balanced and disease causing bacteria cannot thrive.

What kind of dental problems occur when the bacterial flora of the mouth is disturbed?
When the pH of the mouth is disturbed, for example when saliva production decreases, the acid level increases and leads to tooth decay, the build-up of tartar and inflammation of the gum.  Saliva does not only lubricate the mouth and helps you to speak, but it also contributes to maintaining the natural hygiene of your mouth, as well as the normal bacterial flora. If your gum is inflamed or you have tartar on your teeth, visit your dentist to have it removed thoroughly. Increased consumption of carbohydrates can also lead to accumulation of bacteria, especially if you do not have proper oral hygiene. The process can be reversed by following your dentist’s instructions.

How can you maintain normal bacterial flora in your mouth?
It is important to follow a balanced diet. Drink plain water instead of sugary soft drinks. Brush your teeth after each meal, and rinse your mouth with a mouth wash. Disturbed bacterial mouth flora can cause gum inflammation, tooth decay, or even the loss of teeth. Dentists at Fehér Dent Aesthetic Dental Clinic can help you preserve the health of your teeth by performing professional dental cleaning using state of the art dental technology.