Aesthetic dentistry in Szeged

What are the most common aesthetic interventions?


Scaling, or removing tartar is the cornerstone of aesthetic dentistry. It is advised to perform ultrasound scaling and tooth polishing before any dental treatment and repeat the procedure regularly (every 6 months). Apart from cleaning natural teeth, it is important to clean fillings and other restorations, as tartar can build up on them. Prevention is the most effective dental treatment to protect the health of your teeth and it is advised to have your teeth cleaned professionally. Gum inflammation can be avoided by removing tartar early.

A teljesség igénye nélkül, íme néhány kezelés az esztétikai fogászat területéről:

Az esztétikai fogászat alapkezelésének számít, hiszen a rendelői kezelések előtt minden esetben tanácsos elvégeztetni az ultrahangos fogkőeltávolítást, ám az eredmény megtartásához indokoltnak tűnik a rendszeres időközönkénti (félévenkénti) megismétlése, kiegészítve azt fogpolírozással. A fogíny gyulladását legkönnyebben a fogkő időben történő eltávolításával kerülhetjük el.

Replacing amalgam fillings

Since it was first published that amalgam releases mercury vapour and forms deposits in the body posing a health risk, replacement of amalgam fillings has become one of the most common aesthetic interventions. Of course, it has aesthetic benefits as well, you can smile happily without feeling embarrassed about the greyish-black silver spots on your teeth.

Aesthetic fillings

Light activated white fillings are recommended, if tooth decay is not extensive and affects a small area only.

Aesthetic ceramic inlays

Aesthetic ceramic inlays are recommended, if we cannot restore the original shape of the tooth by simply filling it due to extensive damage.

Tooth whitening

There is a variety of treatment options for those who would like to have brightly white teeth. Treatments can be divided into in–office procedures and at-home whitening. Many people think that aesthetic dentistry only means whitening the teeth, however, it is much more than that.

Kerámia héj

A kerámia héjak kiváló megoldásai lehetnek a különböző esztétikai problémák ”eltüntetésének”. A héjak felhelyezését megelőzően szükség lehet fogfehérítésre, majd ezt követi a lenyomatvétel, amelyek alapján a fogtechnikai labor elkészíti a személyre szabott héjakat. A kerámia héj alkalmas az esztétikai problémák kezelésére, például elrejthetők vele a fog formai hibái, az elszíneződés és akár a fogak közötti rések is kezelhetők.

Préskerámia korona

A mai modern fogászat már nem alkalmaz töméseket: az rendelőnkben is alkalmazott E-max préskerámiával tökéletesen helyettesíthetők a tömések. Mind szilárdságában, mind esztétikai hatásában és funkcionalitásában is hosszú távon működőképes. Alkalmazásával visszaadhatjuk a fog elvesztett anyagát, vissza tudjuk állítani annak eredeti formáját (csücsök, barázda, fogak közti érinthetőség sokkal pontosabban kivitelezhető), emellett a préskerámia alkalmazásával a szélizáródás (a tömés és fog közötti záródás) is tökéletesen megvalósítható. Ez a fajta kezelés akkor alkalmazható, ha nagyobb hiány van a fogban.

Pain-free root canal treatment

When the tooth is so badly damaged that it cannot be restored with aesthetic interventions, root canal treatment is recommended. It used to be considered one of the most unpleasant dental treatments. Nowadays, it is a pain-free intervention due to modern anaesthetic approaches and medicines used in aesthetic dentistry.

Aesthetic dentistry in Szeged

Tooth replacement without grinding

It is possible to replace lost teeth without grinding down the neighbouring teeth, so we can preserve them. This approach is also very aesthetic.

Ceramic veneers

his technique allows us to make beautiful white teeth that have a nice shape and look like original teeth.

Metal-free crowns

Computers have become useful tools for dentists and dental technicians.  They use computer scanners to fabricate metal-free crowns and bridges made of zirconium-oxide. This is a hard and nearly unbreakable material that has outstanding aesthetics.

Eliminating grey discoloration of the gum

Conventional crowns that contain metals can lead to discolouration and inflammation of the gum around it. The so called shoulder preparation technique can prevent these complications.

Metal allergy

If it is indispensable to use metals to restore your tooth, we perform an allergy test and choose the most suitable metal for you, e.g. gold alloy, after a thorough allergy test.

Temporary tooth replacement

It may take a long time to prepare the final prosthesis, since it requires careful planning and preparation by your dentist and the dental technician. We can fabricate a temporary restoration in the office and place it immediately after tooth removal to provide normal function and aesthetic appearance. Another option is that the technician prepares a temporary restoration within a very short period of time.

Dentists at Fehér Dent are committed to aesthetic solutions.

Aesthetic dentistry has become widespread due to the demand by patients. Conventional dentistry mainly focused on restoration. Aesthetic dentistry provides solutions that can meet the demands of modern people. Proper appearance requires a perfect smile, which means healthy and bright teeth. The methods and materials applied by aesthetic dentistry can fulfil this expectation. esztetikai-fogaszat-szeged

Frequently asked questions

What is aesthetic dentistry?

Aesthetic dentistry is a global approach to all fields of dentistry using modern techniques and materials. It reflects a new attitude to dentistry by both the dentist and the patient.

What is this new attitude?

Modern people prefer perfect appearance due to increased competition, for example on the labour market, where people who have better looks have more chances. Pleasant appearance is determined by several factors: clothes, cleanliness and, of course, a pleasant smile and healthy teeth. We can design and create you a unique and aesthetic smile that best fits your personality, and the health of your teeth is an essential component of this process.

What does smile design involve?

Your dentist is familiar with the criteria for a nice and perfect smile. Aesthetic or cosmetic dentistry restores your dentition applying these well-defined criteria and the result is spectacular and aesthetic. Treatment usually involves several consecutive steps.

What is the first step of treatment?

The first step is to define the cause of your dissatisfaction with your smile. We listen to your opinion and wishes and take them into account when designing your smile. Then we assess your teeth, their position in your mouth, as well as their size and proportion. We also assess the shape of your face and lips, and start the designing process, which is the most important part of the reconstruction. Your dentist will take digital photos of your teeth from various angles and zooms and use these images to design your new appearance. He/she will create computer models to show you the plans. It is possible to make changes to the plan. When you are satisfied with the proposed design, your dentist will start the actual treatment and lab work. This approach may seem time consuming, but your patience will result in an outcome you have expected before the treatment. Alterations made to your teeth, certain areas on your face (such as cheek bones), or lips will give you new appearance that can make you feel more confident, healthy and successful. Aesthetic dentistry requires excellent skills and precision by your dentist. One of the biggest advantages of aesthetic dentistry is that we can create natural looking restorations without using metals or alloys. These materials can be safely used in patients with metal allergy. The most common use of such materials is the replacement of amalgam fillings.