Dental X-ray

With the most modern equipment we can complete and develop your x-rays all in one place.

Our up to date dental office is equipped with:

  • Intraoral digital camera
  • Intraoral digital radiography
  • Panoramic digital radiography
Intraoral digital camera

With the help of an intraoral camera, the oral cavity can be better visualized and recorded digitally. For example, the patient is able to see the status of his or her own teeth before and after the treatment. The completed image or images can be printed out or can be transferred onto a CD.

Intraoral digital radiography is used when a panoramic radiograph is not enough or doesn't display what is expected. Usually one or two teeth are radiographed during this process.

Panoramic digital radiography

A panoramic radiograph is used when more information is needed, not just about the teeth but the temperomandibular joint and the sinus. Any abnormal changes can be visualized on the radiograph. Screening for cancer can be monitored in this manner as well.

Cephalometric radiography

This type of radiography is used in orthodontics.

Cephalometric X-ray of the whole head (one-sided or two-sided)

This type of X-ray is usually performed before orthodontic treatment.


Tooth abscess, screening for cancer
Tooth abscess, screening for cancer

You might have heard that a disease or infection from the tooth can be a source of a more serious illness. The body reacts to the inflammation by forming granulation tissue in an attempt to wall off the area and limit the spread. This kind of lesion(abscess) can be painless and symptom free for years. That is why screening for these type of lesions are important because finding it in time can prevent the spread of the infection into the blood and other tissue spaces of the body(lung,liver.heart,brain,etc.). Screening can be performed with the use of an intraoral camera and radiographs. We call your attention and advise you to seek a dental professional if any changes can be noticed on your face or in the oral cavity. Prevention is the most important in these cases, ask for an appointment to get a screening.

The advantage of modern dental radiography

The image of the tooth is not captured on traditional film, but rather the image is projected on a screen of a computer to view. This allows higher quality images that can be enlarged or magnified for a better view of the tooth's structure. Digital radiography is environmentally friendly and exposes patients to much less radiation (can be used even on pregnant women if needed).

The greatest advantage of panoramic radiography is that all of the teeth can exposed on one film. For implantation precise planning can be achieved because the image shows the situation of the bone, sinus and teeth. Root canal treatment can be performed more precisely because of the high quality of the image compared to the traditional x-ray. Many times with the use of an electronic apex locator an x-ray is not always needed for the treatment.

Dental inflammations and their symptoms
Dental inflammations and their symptoms

Many dental conditions can lead to inflammation. Dead or decayed teeth, as well as wisdom teeth that are blocked in the jaw can all cause inflammation. Many people develop periodontal disease, and it can also result in inflammation.

Symptoms of inflammation include bad breath, swelling and bleeding of the gum, and sensitivity. It is less known that dental inflammation can cause problems which are not attributed to dental disease. Patchy hair falling, joint inflammation, skin rash, gynaecological and prostate diseases, and a whole range of organ diseases can indicate the presence of inflammation somewhere in your body. In that case dental screening is also recommended.


What are the advantages of modern dental X-rays?

We do not use conventional films, the images are recorded on a computer and projected to a monitor. This allows us to magnify the image and make immediate diagnosis of even a small problem. Modern dental X-ray is environmental friendly and does not expose the human body to excessive radiation. If it is necessary, it is safely performed on pregnant women thanks to the reduced amount of radiation.

What are the advantages of panoramic X-rays?

The biggest advantage of panoramic X-rays is that we can see the position of all teeth on a single image. In case we perform treatment on more than one tooth, we do not need separate X-rays of each tooth. Precise planning of implants also requires various X-rays, because careful evaluation of the nearby structures (condition of the bone, exact location of sinuses and nerves) is crucial. Root canal treatment is facilitated by X-rays, since the quality of modern images is much better than that of earlier X-ray pictures. In many cases it is enough to use an electronic root canal measuring device and there is no need for an X-ray. At Fehér Dent Aesthetic Dental Clinic we can take X-rays without delay and start restoring the health of your teeth immediately.