Investment into your future health- with orthodontic treatment

„Each tooth is in connection with the whole person.” (Dr Adloff)

miert-jo-befektetesNice smile and attractive appearance – they are basic requirements in modern life. Misaligned teeth can lead to decreased self-esteem and it can have a negative impact on your social contacts, as well as your career. Health is in the mouth: few people know that tooth and gum problems can lead to serious diseases. Digestion starts in the mouth, and this is where you form sounds. Orthodontic treatment is not only available for children, adults can also have it to have an aesthetic smile. Fehér Dent Aesthetic Dental Clinic offers a wide range of orthodontic treatments.

Orthodontic treatment is not only fashionable, it is also a measure of social status.
Many people face the consequences of improperly grown teeth when they are adults. However, since celebrities have made public appearances with braces in their mouth, more and more teenagers and adults wear orthodontic appliances without feeling embarrassed. Teenagers can chose from a wide variety of colourful braces, so they have become trendy to wear.  Braces have also become a symbol of neatness and health awareness. It is not braces you should feel embarrassed about, but misaligned teeth.

More arguments in favour of braces
Although many people wear metal braces, you do not need to wear one.  There are more alternatives than you would think. You can have aesthetic, tooth coloured braces to move your teeth to their proper position almost unnoticed. Or if you are courageous, you can have the colours of your favourite team on your teeth.
What else can we offer you? There are braces that are placed on the back of your teeth. They are called lingual braces and they are completely invisible.
Finally, due to the advance of modern technology and orthodontic appliances, we can achieve the desired changes more quickly.

Orthodontic treatment is investment into the future
It is best to start orthodontic treatment in childhood. You can spare the embarrassment of your child, strengthen self-confidence and establish a firm basis for future success at work and private life. Adults should not give up the hope to have a nice smile either. They can have orthodontic devices that are much less visible. Invisible, lingual braces are fixed on the inner surface of the teeth, other people won’t see it.  Think of the future of your child, orthodontic treatment is good investment. Dentists at Fehér Dent Aesthetic Dental Clinic in Szeged can offer you treatments tailored to your needs to achieve the best result.

Why should you have orthodontic treatment?
Apart from health issues, aesthetic appearance is also important:

  • Neat looks and a nice smile make good impression. When you look into the mirror in the morning, you can see the smile of a self-confident person. You can forget about the embarrassed smile and the shame you felt about having misaligned teeth.
  • Ugly teeth can lead to psychological problems in children, as well as in adults. Orthodontic treatment can restore your self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Wearing braces shows that you care about your appearance and your health.
  • Ask for our offer tailored to your needs. You have nothing to lose, you can only win if you have nice teeth.
  • Come and consult us at Fehér Dent Aesthetic Dental Clinic located in a pleasant suburban neighbourhood of Szeged.

The effect of pregnancy on the teeth
fogapolas-a-terhesseg-alattPregnant women should take more care of their teeth, because hormonal and physical changes in their body can have an effect on their teeth. One of the most common problems during pregnancy is inflammation of the gum, which occurs due to the increase in hormone levels. Your gum my feel sensitive, it can bleed, and you can develop a bad breath. Inflammation of the gum is caused by the accumulation of plaque and the bacteria in it, which can reach the baby through the placenta and interfere with the proper development of the baby in the womb. Therefore, proper oral hygiene during pregnancy is essential. The unpleasant symptoms can have a direct or indirect effect on the baby’s health.  With proper oral hygiene you can prevent gum inflammation, bleeding or tooth decay. Brush your teeth regularly, and use floss and oral rinses to prevent unpleasant symptoms.

Pregnant women at the dentist
When you are pregnant, visit your dentist regularly. However, major dental interventions must be delayed until your baby has been born.  Tooth whitening, for example, should be performed after birth. Scaling is not recommended until the second trimester.

What kind of anaesthetics can be used during pregnancy?
Sometimes we cannot postpone dental treatment and you need local anaesthesia. Ultracain is a safe pain killer during pregnancy. Antibiotics might also be necessary to prevent or treat infections.

X-ray during pregnancy
Although modern X-ray machines are very safe and release minimal doses of radiation onto a focused area, we recommend postponing X-ray exams that are not urgent.

Oral hygiene at home
What can pregnant women do to maintain good oral health? A balanced diet and good oral hygiene are essential. Brush your teeth after each meal and before going to bed. Use a tooth brush with fine bristles to brush your teeth for at least 2 minutes. You can also use a mouth rinse, but without brushing your teeth mouth rinses are ineffective. Brush your teeth thoroughly and use the rinse after that. Make sure you have a tooth brush with you where ever you go, so that you can brush your teeth after each meal.

Balanced diet for healthy teeth
Pregnant women might have a sudden crash for salty or sweet food. However, these foods increase the acid level, attack the enamel and lead to tooth decay. Try to avoid salty and sweat foods and consume foods that are rich in vitamins, fibres and protein. Thus you can protect your teeth.

What to do if you vomit?
You may often experience nausea and vomiting during the first few months of pregnancy. It can be harmful for your teeth, because the acid from your stomach attacks the enamel and increases the risk of tooth decay. Pregnant women may feel nauseated even at the thought of their tooth brush or when they brush their teeth. Try to use a tooth brush with a smaller head, or a brush designed for children. If you vomit, wait 10 minutes before brushing teeth. You can rinse your mouth with a mouth wash to decrease the bad taste in your mouth. In the morning brush your teeth after breakfast, do not brush your teeth on an empty stomach. If you cannot tolerate tooth paste, use a fluoride mouth wash.

If your tooth breaks, you feel pain or notice any sign of inflammation, make an appointment with us at Fehér Dent Aesthetic dental Clinic at 22 Fülemüle street, Szeged. We take special care of pregnant women.

Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss
fogselyemDentists keep repeating the importance of flossing, not without any reason. Although more and more people use dental floss, many people think it is a nuisance or an upper-class whim. If you care about the health of your teeth, never fail to spare the 2-3 minutes flossing might take.
Your toothbrush can remove food debris from the chewing surfaces and the sides of your teeth, but it cannot clean in between your teeth. Plaque accumulated between the teeth can be harmful to your teeth and gum, and it can lead to tooth decay, the mobility or even the loss of your teeth. Using dental floss you can clean areas you cannot reach with your toothbrush.

Chose your floss carefully
There are several types of floss, learn which one is best for you before buying it. If you need help, consult your dentist. Dentists at Fehér Dent Aesthetic Dental Clinic are pleased to help you.
Floss is either made of thin plastic strands or one thicker cylindrical thread, called PTFE. If you have narrow gaps between your teeth, use thin plastic floss that can reach even between crowded teeth.
Both types of floss are available with a wax coating to make it easier for you to slide the floss in between the teeth. Floss picks may seem practical to use, however, they are recommended for experienced floss users, because the hard plastic parts may injure your gum. In addition, the taut string cannot follow the shape of your teeth at gum level, so cleaning with floss picks is less effective.
There flavoured flosses, e.g. with menthol. The added flavour does not increase the efficiency of the floss, it only make your breath fresh.
People who have braces or bridges can use a special type of floss. It has a hard end which helps you guide the floss under the bridge or the braces. Our dentists can help you chose the most suitable floss.

The proper technique of flossing
Once you have bought a suitable floss, learn how to use it properly. Our dentists can help you learn the proper technique.
Use the floss before brushing your teeth. Once you have removed food pieces from between the teeth, your toothbrush and toothpaste can reach into the difficult areas.
Tear off 20-30 cm of floss, it will be enough to clean all teeth. Wind the floss around both middle fingers, leaving a short section between the fingers. Use your thumbs and forefingers to guide the floss between the teeth. Move the floss vertically from the gum line towards the chewing surface. Avoid sawing motions. Repeat 2-3 times before moving to the next tooth. Move the floss slowly and gently so that you will not hurt your gum. Use a fresh section of floss for the next tooth.
For the first few times it may seem complicated, but with practice you will be more and more experienced and the whole process will only take a few minutes.

Get your child to use floss
In order to learn proper oral hygiene as early as possible, teach your child how to use floss as soon as the permanent teeth have erupted.

Biological approach to dentistry applied by Fehér Dent Aesthetic Dental Clinic combines the principles of alternative medicine and traditional Chinese medicine. Biological dentistry approaches the human body as a whole system, so the health of your teeth has an impact on your whole body. The relation between your internal organs, body regions and your teeth was first described by Dr Voll and Kramer. Dr Voll, inventor of Voll acupuncture, performed bioelectric measurements and proved that particular teeth are related to particular body areas, therefore they can influence the health of these areas. This is a two-way connection and internal organs can affect the oral cavity. The condition of the body can be influenced through the mouth, as it can be done through the ears, nose or feet.

Your teeth and the functional circles
Individual teeth and groups of teeth together with the surrounding bone are connected to functional circles in the body through meridians. These energy channels connect the teeth with internal organs and other body parts.

Kidneys: urinary bladder functional circle (upper and lower incisors)
Body areas: inner corner of the eye, area between the breast bone and the collar bone, both sides of the spine, small pelvis, sole
Symptoms: pain, inflammation, muscle problems, paralysis along the meridian, frontal headache, pain and disturbed muscle function in the knee folds, weakness of the lower limbs, lumbago
Mental areas: poise, stability, safety, confidence, perseverance, persistence
Emotions: fear, unsteadiness, anxiety

Liver – gall bladder functional circle (canines)
Body areas: temples, back of the head, eye socket, side of the chest, sacrum, genital organs
Symptoms: pain, one-sided headache, pain in the jaw and the chest, hip disorders
Mental areas: assertiveness, efficiency, flexibility, spontaneity
Emotions: depression, anxiety, turning inward

Lung – large bowel functional circle (upper premolars, lower molars)
Body areas: palm muscles, thumb, fore finger, jaws, back of the fore arm
Symptoms: pain, inflammation, headache
Mental areas: creativity, intuition, tolerance, intolerance, happiness, remorse, self-esteem
Emotions: sadness, disappointment, listlessness

Spleen – pancreas functional circle (upper molars and lower premolars)
Body areas: area in front of the ears, upper part of the temples, upper corner of the forehead, lower edge of the cheek bone, groin, armpit
Symptoms: swelling on the head and neck, pain in the face, cheek and jaw, swelling of the face, spasm of the facial muscles, drooping mouth, lockjaw, difficulty chewing, jaw joint inflammation, impaired circulation of the lower limbs, muscle weakness, nerve problems
Mental areas: thinking, benevolence, responsibility
Emotions: melancholy, mulling, worrying

Heart – small bowel functional circle (upper and lower wisdom teeth)
Body areas: middle of the armpit, inner-back part of the arm, wrist, fifth finger, hand, side of the forearm, back of the arm fold, shoulder blade, area over the corner of the jaw, attachment of the chewing muscle, cheek bone arch
Symptoms: pain in the upper limbs, pain, inflammation, numbness, pain in the scrotum, headache, painful swelling of the neck and the area under the jaw, tilted neck
Mental areas: joy, inner balance
Emotions: exhaustion, tiredness, depression

Focal infection in the mouth
Dr Voll claims that most focal infections are found in the mouth. If one of the energy channels in the body is disturbed, a disease develops along another meridian.  Depending on which tooth is the focus of infection, various diseases develop elsewhere in the body. A localised infection in the mouth can block energy channels without causing any symptoms. There are several methods to eliminate focal infection in the mouth: extraction or other dental interventions. A failed root canal filling can be a source of infection, but a properly filled root canal can also act as a focus of infection, because the human body looks at fillings as foreign materials. Localised infection can be revealed by diagnostic scans, which we can do at our clinic.

Harmful effect of amalgam
Biological dentistry avoids using amalgam because of its harmful effects on the body. Amalgam has been banned in many countries, because it leaks mercury into the body. Mercury can have a harmful effect on the bowel flora, the liver, the brain and the kidneys. Symptoms of mercury poisoning include headache, fatigue, upper airways infection, bleeding gums, skin conditions, visual disturbances, heart complaints. Replacement of amalgam fillings should be combined with further detoxifying measures, such as fasting, selenium therapy, fruit diet.

Metal allergy
During dental treatment the body is exposed to several allergens, for example metals. Metal fillings can contain poisonous materials. These poisonous materials can be released from the fillings, depending on the location of the fillings, your diet and the way you chew. They can cause muscle cramps, urinary tract infections, sleep disturbance or fatigue. Dentists at Fehér Dent Aesthetic Dental Clinic use metal-free materials which are not only healthier, but also more aesthetic.

Various metals in the mouth
Fillings, metal restorations and piercings can cause health problems. They change the normal PH of saliva, which modifies the pre-digestion process and leads to digestive problems in the long run.


Braces are not awkward, on the contrary, they are trendy
megegyervAre you worried that you will not have friends or you will feel embarrassed when you wear braces? This short inconvenient period can help you have a bright smile when it will matter. People who wear braces are courageous and trendy, because they are brave enough to show that health and a perfect and nice appearance are important for them.
Moreover, neatness can be sexy, if you feel confident about wearing braces.
Why is orthodontic treatment important?

You cannot comb your teeth
It might be hard to believe, but few teenagers have perfect teeth, so do not worry, you are not alone with your problem. When you take a better look at your friends, you will see that they do not have perfectly straight teeth. The explanation is simple: teeth do not grow evenly.
Your teeth may be misaligned or crowded, or your upper and lower jaw are not the same size. Dentists call it irregular bite.
Your dentist will recognize these problems and recommend orthodontic treatment to guarantee your future success.

More arguments in favour of braces
Although many people wear metal braces, you do not need to wear one.  There are more alternatives than you would think. You can have aesthetic, tooth coloured braces to move your teeth to their proper position almost unnoticed. Or if you are courageous, and why not be courageous, you can have the colours of your favourite team on your teeth.
What else can we offer you? There are braces that are placed on the back of your teeth. They are called lingual braces and they are completely invisible.
Finally, due to the advance of modern technology and orthodontic appliances, we can achieve the desired changes more quickly.

How do braces work?
Braces are quite simple devices. They straighten your teeth by exerting pressure on certain points. Most teenagers can have simple braces to straighten misaligned teeth. They consist of a wire and rubber bands. The wire pulls your teeth to their proper position, the bands align them.
You may face some inconveniences, though. Your dentists at Fehér Dent Aesthetic Dental Clinic will tell you how long you should wear the braces (day and night for two years, or it might be enough to wear them at night and only for half a year).

Tips for people with braces
If it comes to food, the saying is definitely true for braces: it attracts food as honey attracts bees. Brush your braces after eating and be careful about the foods you eat. There are foods that stick to the braces. Your dentist can help you what types of food to avoid. For example, chewing gum. This is something you should not use when you have braces.
As any new thing, braces might feel strange in the beginning. If you feel pain, you can take a painkiller, but first ask your dentist and your parents.
What is left is to believe that all you will have after the treatment is your brand new attractive smile. Dentists at Fehér Dent Aesthetic Dental clinic can help you achieve this.

The so called biological dentistry is a newly emerging holistic approach, which looks at the body as a whole unit. The basic principle of this approach is that the oral cavity is an integrated part of the body, and problems in the mouth can have an effect on other organs as well.

The cornerstone of biological dentistry is the use of non-allergenic materials. These materials harmonize with the body, and apart from the obvious health gain, we can achieve much better function and aesthetics than with the use of conventional materials. Metals (amalgam fillings and metallic restorations) are the most common allergens in the mouth and their elimination from the mouth is essential in order to prevent allergic reactions.

Metal-free restorations can have further advantages. Metal alloys make the pH of the mouth acidic and release metal ions, which can be harmful for the body. Metal restorations can cause greyish discolouration of the gum, which is not aesthetic. Amalgam fillings may dissolve, which can lead to various health issues. Therefore, their use is limited in both biological and conventional dentistry. Consult your dentist about alternative tooth filling materials and the removal of your amalgam fillings.

How can advances in dental technology contribute to eliminating the use of metals in prosthetics, another field of dentistry that relies heavily on the use of metals for prostheses?
Zirconium based CAD/CAM technology is suitable for fabricating fixed prostheses, such as crowns and bridges. These types of restorations are made of zirconium-oxide and fabricated using computer aided design and computer assisted manufacturing. Zirconium-oxide does not contain any metals or known allergens, and there has been a growing number of evidence that it is completely non-allergenic.

In case of removable dentures, which are usually attached to the anchor teeth or dental implants with metal clips, we can replace the metal parts with thermoplastic materials, which are polymer compounds shaped with injection moulding.

The material is heated to 220°C and pressed into a mould under high pressure. Depending on the type of restoration, we can create flexible or rigid products that retain their shape.

Thermoplastics can be combined with other dental materials and they perfectly fit the biological environment.

Restorations made of zirconium oxide, thermoplastics or a combination of these materials can have further advantages.

These materials possess excellent mechanical properties, therefore, they are durable and safe. Moreover, the aesthetics of these materials is far better than that of conventional metal-based restorations. These materials can be coloured and the restorations will look like natural teeth, which creates a perfectly natural appearance.

Zirconium and thermoplastic restorations are comfortable and invisible, which can increase your self-confidence and self-esteem. They are easy to use and clean.

It is well worth learning about your treatment options before choosing a restoration. If you would like to know more about modern, metal-free solutions, contact us. Fehér Dent Aesthetic Dental Clinic applies state-of-the-art approaches for the benefit of its patients.

sportfogvedoMost sportsmen are aware of the risk of injury when doing sports, no matter what kind of sport they pursue: football, handball, basketball or ice hockey. There are many types of injuries, but one of the most common types is dental trauma. Mouth guards play an important role in preventing tooth loss or costly dental treatments (e.g. tooth replacement).  Therefore, you need a mouth guard that fits perfectly and provides maximal protection. You are recommended to wear a custom-made mouth guard fabricated by a dental technician using the model made by your dentist. A further advantage of such mouth guards is that you can wear them even if you have braces. Custom-made mouth guards prevent cracks, fractures or tooth loss by distributing the pressure caused by a blow on your teeth. At Fehér Dent Aesthetic Dental Clinic you can have a custom-made, perfectly fitting and safe mouth guard to protect your teeth whatever sport you do.

The role of preventive dentistry
prevencioWhy is it important to have a dental check-up every six month?
Your dentist can recognize the early signs of dental diseases, which can lead to serious problems if they are left untreated. Most dental problems do not cause any symptoms until they are so severe that they are painful. At that stage the problem can be rather difficult to treat. Furthermore, your dental check-up is a good opportunity for your dentist to diagnose potential cancerous changes.

Prevention is a very useful tool, use it!
You do not need to spend huge amounts of money on prevention, it is available for everyone who takes oral hygiene and oral care serious. It is worth taking care of your teeth, since they are with you during your whole life. Treatment of dental problems (restorations, extraction or implant placement) is far more expensive than prevention. In addition, the health of your teeth has an effect on your whole body, and untreated dental problems can influence your life. Visit our dental clinic in Szeged. We have all means you need to prevent or treat dental problems effectively.

Tooth jewellery is not a modern invention. There is evidence that ancient Egyptians used to decorate their teeth, which must have been the symbol of wealth. Tooth jewellery is quite popular today, however, you should be aware of certain facts before placing one on your tooth.

Tooth jewellery is a perfect tool to highlight your teeth and make your smile more attractive. Tooth jewellery is a fashionable accessory, the tiny gems or other pieces of jewellery can make you look younger, unique and sexy. Tooth jewellery has become extremely popular through rap and hip-hop culture. There is a wide variety of tooth jewellery for men and women. They can be placed on any tooth provided it is healthy. Placement can be done by your dentist. You cannot have tooth jewellery on decayed or irregular teeth, or on teeth with tartar. Have your teeth checked before placing tooth jewellery.

Placement of tooth jewels
Most dentists agree that healthy teeth must not be damaged by drilling, so tooth jewellery is fixed on your teeth using dental adhesives. The decorations can be removed easily and your teeth are not damaged.  However, your teeth must be acid etched before placing the tooth jewellery, therefore, frequent replacement of the jewellery can be harmful to the teeth.  Pieces of jewellery that bulge out can be difficult to clean of food, which increases the risk of tooth decay.  The jewellery can also weaken the enamel. Always consult your dentist before placing tooth jewellery.

How long can you have tooth jewellery on your teeth?
Tooth jewellery lasts until it comes off, so it is recommended for people who like smiling a lot and whose teeth are healthy and nice. If your teeth are misaligned, you are recommended to have orthodontic treatment. You can even have invisible braces, which are placed on the inner surface of your teeth. Would you like to have tooth jewellery to look different? Would you like to know if your teeth are healthy? Make an appointment with Fehér Dent Aesthetic Dental Clinic to have careful assessment of your teeth and learn more about your options. If you would like to have whiter teeth before placing the jewels, we can do it for you. Modern whitening techniques do not damage the teeth. Beside orthodontic and whitening treatments our clinic in Szeged can offer you all types of dental treatments (e.g. scaling) indispensible for a wonderful smile.


It might be surprising to you, but your body is home to 2.5 kg of bacteria. There are about 30 different strains of bacteria in your mouth. Do not worry, these microorganisms are essential parts of the body’s natural bacterial flora. They play a very important role in maintaining the normal function of the body. Disturbance in the bacterial environment of the mouth can lead to serious oral diseases. That is why regular dental visits are recommended.

What can disturb the bacterial flora of the mouth?
At birth the oral cavity is free of bacteria, but as you grow older the bacteria that make up the natural flora of the mouth begin to appear. The natural bacterial flora can be disturbed by many things. The most common factors that have a bad effect on your oral health are smoking, alcohol consumption and improper diet. The bacterial flora of your mouth is not stable, it depends on your diet, the drinks you consume, the composition of your saliva and the condition of your immune system. Your oral hygiene and the condition of your teeth can also affect the bacterial flora. Oral diseases or tooth decay can be harmful for the mouth, just as injury to your teeth or the lining of the mouth. If you are healthy, the bacterial flora of your mouth is balanced and disease causing bacteria cannot thrive.

What kind of dental problems occur when the bacterial flora of the mouth is disturbed?
When the pH of the mouth is disturbed, for example when saliva production decreases, the acid level increases and leads to tooth decay, the build-up of tartar and inflammation of the gum.  Saliva does not only lubricate the mouth and helps you to speak, but it also contributes to maintaining the natural hygiene of your mouth, as well as the normal bacterial flora. If your gum is inflamed or you have tartar on your teeth, visit your dentist to have it removed thoroughly. Increased consumption of carbohydrates can also lead to accumulation of bacteria, especially if you do not have proper oral hygiene. The process can be reversed by following your dentist’s instructions.

How can you maintain normal bacterial flora in your mouth?
It is important to follow a balanced diet. Drink plain water instead of sugary soft drinks. Brush your teeth after each meal, and rinse your mouth with a mouth wash. Disturbed bacterial mouth flora can cause gum inflammation, tooth decay, or even the loss of teeth. Dentists at Fehér Dent Aesthetic Dental Clinic can help you preserve the health of your teeth by performing professional dental cleaning using state of the art dental technology.

Apart from maintaining good oral hygiene, it is important to care about your diet. Prevention is the best method to avoid tooth decay and other oral diseases.

What do dentists recommend?
It is widely known that acid containing foods are harmful for your teeth. Citrus fruits contain a lot of Vitamin C and strengthen the immune system, but they can damage the enamel and thus your teeth. Dentists recommend brushing your teeth after drinking orange juice or eating citrus fruits to restore the healthy pH level of your mouth. You can use sugar-free chewing gum as well, although it does not replace tooth brushing after meals, since the deposits remaining on your teeth can lead to tooth decay. According to dentists the consistency of the food you eat also matters. If you do not load your teeth evenly, the teeth you do not chew on may become loose. By strengthening your chewing muscles and loading your teeth evenly you can prevent weakening of the bone and losing your teeth.  Dentists recommend loading the teeth according to their function.

What type of foods can strengthen teeth?
Certain types of food can be beneficial for your teeth, and by consuming such foods you can preserve the health of your teeth. Dentists recommend consuming foods rich in calcium and fluoride, such as fish and dairy products. Consuming cheese after acidic foods can balance the harmful effect of acids.  It is less known that green tea contains much fluoride and has antibacterial effects, so it can prevent tooth decay.

What types of food can you eat when you have braces?
If you have braces, you should take more care of oral hygiene and your diet. For a few days after the placement of braces you are advised to eat soft, mashed or liquid foods. This increased care should be maintained as long as you wear braces, not only during the first few days. Improper oral hygiene can lead to serious dental problems.  Avoid eating sticky foods, such as caramel or jelly candy, but hard foods can also cause problems: they can damage the braces which may lengthen the treatment. Do not eat nuts (e.g. walnut) or hard fruits (e.g. hard apples). When you eat solid foods, such as pastries, tear them into smaller pieces and chew them well.

What to do after oral surgical interventions?
After oral surgical interventions (e.g. tooth extraction) avoid eating or drinking until the bleeding has stopped. Do not eat dairy products for about one week. These foods ferment in the mouth and produce bacteria, which can lead to infection of the wound. Always rinse your mouth after eating to reduce the risk of wound infection.

You can prevent dental problems with proper oral hygiene
No matter what you eat or drink, if you have proper oral hygiene, you have made a big step towards healthy teeth. You are also recommended to have a dental check-up every 6-12 month to screen for unnoticed dental diseases. If you would like to have healthy teeth, visit Fehér Dent Aesthetic Dental Clinic in a friendly and modern environment.


Many people develop some kind of allergy. Allergens are substances that normally do not cause allergic reactions, however, in certain individuals the immune system may react to them overtly. Dental allergens can cause immediate reactions through materials used for your dental treatment, or some of them, such as metals, can cause symptoms several months after the treatment. Such delayed symptoms include inflammation of your gum, dry mouth, ulcers, small rashes around the contact area with the allergen, itching on the roof of the mouth, hair fall, or even inflammation of your joints. Always inform your dentist about any allergies you know about, especially metal allergy. Dentists at Fehér Dent Aesthetic Dental Clinic are committed to prevent allergic reactions by using high-quality, metal-free materials.

Alveolar correction

When a tooth is removed, you may have sharp bone spikes in your jaw that can be painful. They can cause further problems when you wear a denture or if implant placement is planned. To eliminate the problem, the bone is made smooth using a special dental tool.


Amalgam, which is an alloy of mercury and other metals, has been known since ancient times. It has been widely argued recently if amalgam is poisonous. Because amalgam contains mercury, it may be harmful for your body. That is why dentists at Fehér Dent Aesthetic Dental Clinic avoid using amalgam. There are modern, aesthetic materials that are completely harmless. Our dentists apply a so called biological or holistic approach to dentistry, which means they use materials that are compatible with your whole body and do not pose any health risks.

Bite plate

Bite plates can prevent grinding your teeth at night or clenching your teeth when you feel stressed. These silicon or acrylic plates can also be effective in treating painful jaw joint problems.


Calculus or tartar is the hard mineralised deposit that builds up on your teeth after eating. This plaque (which contains food pieces dissolved in saliva) is a good medium for bacteria to thrive, which can lead to gum inflammation (a common symptom is bleeding) and tooth decay, or even mobility or loss of your teeth. Tartar is unaesthetic, because it can lead to yellowish-brownish discoloration of your teeth. The amount of tartar depends on individual characteristics, your diet, the composition of saliva and the position of your teeth. Once you have had tartar on your teeth, there is an increased risk of recurrence.  You can decrease the risk of developing tartar by removing the plaque from your teeth.  Apart from proper oral hygiene, regular professional cleaning is also essential.


Caries or tooth decay develops when the bacteria in plaque break down carbohydrates and create an acidic environment in the mouth. This acidic environment is harmful for the enamel. Decay spreads from the enamel toward the inside of the tooth, the pulp, and remains symptom-free for a long time. When you feel pain, the decay is usually widespread and requires treatment by your dentist. Regular dental check-ups can help your dentist recognise the early signs of tooth decay. Dentists at Fehér Dent Aesthetic Dental Clinic treat decay teeth use state-of-the-art metal-free filling materials to guarantee an aesthetic result.

Sleep dentistry / Conscious sedation

Dental treatments may provoke excessive stress, anxiety or fear in some patients.  Your dentist can relieve them by talking to you, but sometimes the fear is so bad, that deep or mild sedation is required. Dentists at Fehér Dent Aesthetic Dental Clinic are prepared to perform dental treatment using sedation in children as young as 2 years old. Sedation is recommended if your child has difficulty cooperating or he/she is too afraid of the treatment, so that he/she can develop a positive attitude to dental treatment in the future. Certain oral surgical interventions, such as removal of wisdom teeth, implant placement or bone substitution, can also require sedation. Sedation at Fehér Dent Aesthetic Dental Clinic is performed by an anaesthesiologist using professional equipment to make the procedure completely safe. Sedation involves injecting special medication into your blood stream through a vein on your hand to make you sleep. After the procedure you are waken up safely.


A crown is a tooth replacement that completely covers the tooth. It can be made of pressed ceramics, metal ceramics or aesthetic zirconium ceramics. After preparing the tooth, your dentist takes impression of the tooth and sends it to the lab where the dental technician prepares a custom-made crown for you.


Dentine is the material that constitutes most of your teeth and surrounds the pulp, the innermost part. It determines your tooth colour. It consists of minerals, organic materials and water. It is more elastic than enamel, but less resistant to tooth decay. Acid producing bacteria that penetrate the enamel can damage the dentine and cause tooth decay.

Digital X-ray/Panoramic X-ray

A digital X-ray is performed to make a proper diagnosis and to recognise diseases that do not cause any complaints. It is also performed before oral surgical interventions. Fehér Dent Aesthetic Dental Clinic is also equipped with a panoramic X-ray machine that can visualise the sinuses and the jaw bone. Panoramic X-rays are particularly useful to detect sources of inflammation in your body and recognise problems as early as possible.  The digital and panoramic X-ray machines used in our clinic do not expose you to high doses of radiation, therefore they are safe to use in pregnant women.


Enamel is mostly composed of inorganic materials, therefore it is the hardest part of the human body. It plays an important role in protecting the tooth, because the dentine beneath the enamel is more vulnerable to damage. The enamel can be damaged by chemical or physical impact. That is why dentists emphasize the importance of brushing your teeth after eating. The acidic environment in your mouth created by the deposit on your teeth can be harmful for the enamel. Misalignment of your teeth or grinding them at night can also damage the enamel.

Fissure sealing

Fissure sealing is a procedure to protect remaining molar teeth against tooth decay in children. Fissure sealing is an effective method to prevent tooth decay, because the deep grooves that are difficult to keep clean are closed. The shallow surface created without drilling the tooth is easier to clean.  Fissure sealing can protect molar teeth from the time they first appear in the mouth until the age of 19, when enamel formation ends.

Foci of infection

Foci of infection are localized inflammations in the mouth that do not cause any pain, but can lead to hair fall, joint inflammation, swelling of the lymph nodes and increased tiredness. They are most common around teeth with failed root canal treatment or dead teeth. These localised areas of inflammation can release bacteria into the blood stream, which may result in inflammation elsewhere in the body. If you have symptoms without a specific cause, it is advised to look for localised infections. Dentists at Fehér Dent Aesthetic Dental Clinic are prepared to recognise and treat localised infections in your mouth.


Gold is a precious metal often used in dentistry. It is tissue friendly, fairly durable and it has antibacterial properties. It is less aesthetic, but it does not change its colour and it rarely causes allergic reactions. Allergic reactions are mostly caused by other metals gold is alloyed with. Pure gold is not suitable for use in dentistry.


Implants are used to support crowns, artificial teeth or bridges in the mouth. Implants are artificial roots drilled into the jaw bone, therefore teeth built on the implants can function as natural teeth. When you have a tooth missing, an implant based tooth can improve chewing and speaking, as well as the aesthetic appearance of your face. Dental implants are made of non-allergic materials, therefore they are completely safe to use.


Inlays and onlays allow dentists to restore the natural anatomical shape and condition of your teeth. Inlays and onlays are fabricated by a dental technician using plastic, gold, ceramics, zirconium or a combination of materials, and they are cemented into the prepared teeth by your dentist. Dentists at Fehér Dent Aesthetic Dental Clinic measure the cavity prepared in the tooth and assess the loading capacity of the tooth. Then they discuss your aesthetic expectations and the treatment plan with you. Our dental lab applies premium materials, which guarantees high-quality treatment.

Oral cyst

Oral cysts usually develop unnoticed, without causing any complaints. Cysts grow bigger as fluid accumulates inside, which can damage the surrounding bone. Cysts can develop around wisdom teeth that are unable to break through, dead teeth, or as a result of injury. There are various types of cysts, most of which are non-cancerous. Dentists at Fehér Dent Aesthetic Dental Clinic can detect cysts when they look for localised infections in your mouth.

Orthodontic treatment

Orthodontic treatment aims at correcting the irregular position of the teeth. Misalignment is not only unaesthetic, but it can also cause irregular bite, tooth decay and gum inflammation. Orthodontic treatment performed at young age can ensure proper development of the teeth, but it can also be effective in adults. Apart from conventional metal braces, there are several types of orthodontic appliances, such as removable or invisible, lingual devices.


Relining refers to the correction of your removable denture. Wasting of your jaw bone can result in a difference between the shape of your denture and the shape of your jaw bone. The stability of the denture decreases and it can shift in your mouth.  Your dentist can reline your denture using cold bonding plastics or sending it to the dental lab to be re-shaped using an impression model. Relining is always performed by a dentist.

Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment is required when tooth decay affects the pulp chamber, the innermost part of your teeth, and the nerves. Bacteria can reach the pulp and the resulting inflammation can cause serious pain. Such damage can only be corrected with root canal treatment, which involves mechanical cleaning of the root canal, removing the inflamed tissues from the side canals and inserting medicine to treat the inflammation. The aim of root canal treatment is to eliminate your pain and the bacteria responsible for the inflammation.


Scaling involves removing the mineralised deposit on the teeth and cleaning under the gum around the neck of the teeth. You are advised to have tartar removed from your teeth every 6 months. Your dentist can remove tartar from places that are difficult to reach with your tooth brush. Tartar forms on invisible surfaces of your teeth where it can cause inflammation. That is why it is essential to remove it. Dentists at Fehér Dent Aesthetic Dental Clinic perform professional cleaning of your teeth combining ultrasound scaling and airflow technique. Your teeth become whiter and the gaps between the teeth can be cleaned efficiently. The procedure is completely pain free and does not cause any inconvenience.


Your sinuses are situated inside your skull, next to your nose, right under the eye sockets. If there is considerable bone loss, the roots of the teeth under the sinuses can penetrate into them, or if many teeth are missing, the floor of the sinuses can become thinner.  If implant placement is planned, this condition needs to be corrected with bone substitution.

Sinus lift

Sinus lift may be necessary if the floor of the sinuses is too thin. It can occur when your back teeth have been removed and you do not chew on that area. If the bone is not loaded, it starts thinning. Implants need a firm base with adequate amounts of bone, so if the bone is not thick enough, sinus lift surgery (sinus augmentation) is required. We can increase the amount of bone by placing bone substitutes into the sinuses so that the bone could support the implant. Sinus lift surgery is performed at the same time an implant is placed. The procedure can make the bone a few millimetres thicker.


Prostheses are fabricated in the dental lab by a dental technician. Prostheses can be fixed or removable, and they restore the function and aesthetics of lost or damaged teeth. The durability of your dentures depends on your oral hygiene, therefore it is essential to have regular dental check-ups. Before your natural looking denture is fabricated in Dental Studio Line dental laboratory, dentists at Fehér Dent Aesthetic Dental Clinic examine you thoroughly and make a treatment plan. Modern dentures are harmless and non-allergic.

Tooth whitening

Tooth whitening means whitening the surface of your teeth to reach a lighter shade.  Before we make the natural colour of your teeth lighter, we remove tartar. Tooth whitening can remove discolouration caused by certain types of foods and smoking. The procedure has an effect on the pigments in the dentine, but it is completely harmless. Some people can develop sensitivity, but it is only temporary. Tooth whitening can be done at home or in the dentist’s office. In-office whitening at Fehér Dent Aesthetic Dental Clinic involves using a special gel and UV light. We can reach 6-12 shades whiter teeth by opening the tubules, the little tubes in your teeth, and removing the discolouration through the enamel.  After closing the tubules, the new colour will last for a long time. If you chose to whiten your teeth at home, we will give you a custom-made tray that you should fill with whitening gel and place on your teeth. The effect of tooth whitening usually lasts for 2-3 years, but it largely depends on your eating habits and life style. Coffee and smoking, for example, can easily discolour your teeth.


Veneers (e.g. ceramic veneers) can improve the appearance of your teeth. Your dentist can place the veneers fabricated by the dental technician on your teeth to change the shape and colour of your teeth and make them aesthetic.

Wisdom tooth

Wisdom teeth are the third molar teeth. They usually erupt at the end of the dental arch after the age of 20, or even later. Eruption may be rather painful. Wisdom teeth can cause several problems, if they do not have enough room in the jaw or they grow in an irregular direction.  If you do not use them for chewing because of their position in your mouth, it can be rather difficult to keep them clean. Because the gap between the wisdom tooth and the neighbouring tooth cannot be cleaned properly, tooth decay can affect both teeth. Inflammation around the wisdom tooth can cause swelling of your face and pain spreading to your ear. Dentists at Fehér Dent Aesthetic Dental Clinic assess the condition of your wisdom teeth by taking a panoramic X-ray of your teeth and examining  you thoroughly . If it is appears necessary, they recommend removing your wisdom teeth.