Mouth guard

sportfogvedoMost sportsmen are aware of the risk of injury when doing sports, no matter what kind of sport they pursue: football, handball, basketball or ice hockey. There are many types of injuries, but one of the most common types is dental trauma. Mouth guards play an important role in preventing tooth loss or costly dental treatments (e.g. tooth replacement).  Therefore, you need a mouth guard that fits perfectly and provides maximal protection. You are recommended to wear a custom-made mouth guard fabricated by a dental technician using the model made by your dentist. A further advantage of such mouth guards is that you can wear them even if you have braces. Custom-made mouth guards prevent cracks, fractures or tooth loss by distributing the pressure caused by a blow on your teeth. At Fehér Dent Aesthetic Dental Clinic you can have a custom-made, perfectly fitting and safe mouth guard to protect your teeth whatever sport you do.