Professional scaling using combined airflow and ultrasound technique

Airflow technique can be a useful adjunct to home oral hygiene. It is gentle to the teeth, but it can remove tartar efficiently. It is a pain-free, safe method to remove deposits that cannot be removed by tooth brushing. We can also remove stains caused by coffee, tea, red wine and smoking.

How does tartar develop?

Tartar is one of the main factors that can lead to dental problems. It mainly consists of dissolved food debris, therefore it is present in your mouth even if you brush your teeth regularly. When you eat, a thin, colourless, invisible film called plaque can form on the surface of your teeth, restorations or prostheses. Because of the minerals in saliva this film becomes harder and harder, and eventually it calcifies. This calcified deposit is called tartar. When it comes into contact with your gum, it can cause inflammation, which can even lead to periodontal disease, tooth decay or tooth loss. The gum may pull away from the teeth. Red and swollen gum, or bleeding when you eat or brush your teeth are warning signs of inflammation.
Dentists at Fehér Dent Aesthetic Dental Clinic recommend scaling every six month to prevent the build-up of tartar.

Ezért javasolja a szegedi Fehér Dent Altatásos Fogászat is a félévenkénti fogkő eltávolító kezelést, amivel könnyen elejét vehetjük ennek a folyamatnak.

How does Airflow technique work?

Airflow technique can be applied in combination with ultrasound scaling. The vibrations generated by the ultrasound scaler crush the tartar. However, it may not remove all fine, invisible particles, which can form a base for newly developing tartar. These particles can be removed by sand blasting using Airflow. Thus we can delay the build-up of tartar.
The device projects a mixture of air, water and sodium-bicarbonate to remove tartar. Sodium-bicarbonate is a fine powder, which is completely harmless even if you swallow it. The powder restores the natural white and bright colour of your teeth. The mixture is heated to a pleasant temperature before use, and it does not have a bad taste owing to the lemon flavour added to it. Sodium bicarbonate projected under high pressure at high speed can remove all stains from the surface of your teeth, and the water washes off the deposits.

Your teeth will be smoother and cleaner, and appear dramatically whiter after the treatment. The mixture used with Airflow can get in between your teeth, and it polishes them, so you might not require a chemical whitening treatment. The technique does not damage the enamel or alter its colour. Airflow technique can prevent the accumulation of plaque and bacteria. It can penetrate under the gum and remove tartar from under the gum line. The procedure is painless.

How often is it recommended to perform professional scaling?

It is recommended to have the tartar removed every half a year when you visit your dentist for your regular dental check-up. It is particularly recommended for people with gingivitis or periodontitis, or for people who are prone to developing tartar. Patients with fixed braces should also undergo regular professional cleaning, because it may be difficult for them to maintain proper oral hygiene, and they are more prone to developing bio film on their teeth. In order to have a durable effect, it is advised to apply a protective layer of lacquer, and refrain from consuming coloured foods and drinks for a few days after the treatment. Professional scaling at Fehér Dent Aesthetic Dental Clinic involves a combination of Airflow and ultrasound techniques.