Dental Guarantee

garanciaDental Treatment Guarantee:

At Feherdent Esthetic Dental Office, we guarantee the work we provide by giving a certificate of Guarantee. This certificate of guarantee is received by the patient when we have handed over the completed work from the dental laboratory and the dentist. This certifies that high quality material was used with the appropriate technology and standards. We suggest out patients to keep this certificate in a safe place, because the guarantee is only valid when the document is presented. If the patient should encounter a problem with the restoration under normal conditions of use – (breaks, chips, discolor, loosen) we will correct it for free of charge, polish, or if needed change the restoration. For more details ( ex. the time of guarantee) the certificate will address any issues of concern or it can be provided upon request.

Guarantee is Applied:

If the patient has appropriate oral hygiene If the patient follows the dentist’s instructions If the patient visits for routine check-ups (free of charge) (every 3 months, 6 months, yearly) or what is suggested by the dentist Following the instructions of the dentist to maintain the restoration (Relining of the prosthesis, removal of tartar and plaque-scaling) within 30 days of being instructed. Full payment of the treatment

Guarantee is Reduced or Invalidated:

If a general illness is present which has adverse effects on the chewing apparatus. If allergies, tooth illnesses and their related consequences occur after treatment which were not noticeable before the treatment began. if damage due to grinding teeth at night, bruxism, clenching of teeth and not using a mouthguard when instructed or given by the dentist if damage is caused by accidents or improper use. if the suggested treatment by the dentist is not accepted by the patient if damage of the restoration by the patient occurs when trying to fix the problem on his/her own if damage of the restoration is caused by another dentist or dental technician not belonging to Feherdent intervenes with the treatment.


*Removable restoration guarantee- removable dentures are guaranteed if the patient comes in for a check-up every 6 months and if needed then the denture should be relined.

* *Root canal treatment has high risk factors for which a guarantee cannot be given.