Metal-free elastic retorations, comfortable, invisible fabricated with state-of-the-art technology at Fehér Dent Aesthetic Dental Clinic

Our body is a sensitive device affected by the materials it is exposed to. Many people who have missing teeth can develop allergy to certain materials. Joint complaints, malaise or increased tiredness can all be related to wearing a denture made of materials inappropriate for your body.

What does tooth loss result in?

It is recommended to replace a removed tooth as soon as possible. Unfortunately, many dentists fail to inform their patients about replacement options or the consequences of not replacing teeth before they extract a tooth.

Metal-free elastic retorations, comfortable, invisible fabricated with state-of-the-art technology at Fehér Dent Aesthetic Dental Clinic

Tooth loss can lead to:

  • decreased ability to chew
  • difficulty forming sounds
  • unaesthetic appearance
  • altered facial expression
  • psychological inhibition
  • decreased working capacity (teachers, performing artists, musicians playing wind instruments)
  • tilting or shifting of neighbouring teeth
  • protrusion of opposing teeth
  • overload on the remaining teeth, wearing of these teeth
  • damage to the tooth bed resulting in further tooth loss
  • pain in the jaw joint later on
  • digestive organ diseases

The neighbouring teeth tilt into the gap. The tooth in the opposite jaw starts growing out further to replace the missing tooth. If more than one tooth are missing, your bite will change and descend, which can lead to painful disorders of your jaw joint. Multiple tooth loss can also result in gaps between your remaining teeth as they shift in the mouth, which might be unaesthetic, particularly in the front. The jaw joint gets accustomed to the new bite and the balance of the chewing muscles is disturbed. These conditions are difficult to treat. Delayed treatment requires more time, it is more unpleasant, and it is more expensive, because it more complex.


Thermoplastic restorations at Fehér Dent Aesthetic Dental Clinic
Thermoplastic restorations at Fehér Dent Aesthetic Dental Clinic

Thermoplastics are new plastic materials possessing several properties that can be utilised when fabricating fixed or removable full or partial dentures. Thermoplastic restorations are fabricated using a new injection moulding technology, which results in a perfect fit in the mouth.

Thermoplastic dentures
Thermoplastic dentures

Full or partial dentures made of thermoplastics can reduce the risk of discomfort or irritation caused by metal prostheses. These types of dentures fit properly, they can prevent burning of the palate (roof of the mouth), do not have an unpleasant taste, and they are aesthetic. These dentures are attached to the remaining teeth and there is no need for palatal coverage, which might be rather unpleasant. Thermoplastics retain their shape, fit perfectly, they are stable, durable and crack resistant.
These materials are hygienic and easy to clean, therefore, you can prevent unpleasant smells associated with conventional dentures.

Bite plates
Bite plates

Thermoplastic bite plates can replace conventional plates, because the height can be adjusted more precisely. It allows more precise and aesthetic fabrication of the plate, so it can be worn all day.

Retainer splints
Retainer splints

Thermoplastics are also suitable for splints recommended after orthodontic treatments. It can be a good solution for patients who are concerned about the inconvenience associated with conventional splints.


Make an appointment with Fehér Dent Aesthetic Dental Clinic to find out about the best and most convenient treatment options for your condition. (The first consultation/assessment costs 5000 HUF, which is deducted from the price of the treatment)

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can have removable elastic, metal-free thermoplastic prosthesis?

It is a good solution for people with metal allergy, but anyone can enjoy the benefits: high-quality restorations and prostheses; non-toxic, non-allergenic; perfect fit; no need for palatal coverage that can cause nausea, irritation, sensitivity of the palate; aesthetic, stable and hygienic appliances; no inconvenience by your denture or prosthesis at any age; premium solution and extraordinary quality for those who are willing to pay a bit more for value.

What kind of restorations can be made of thermoplastics?

Full dentures
Removable dentures retained by remaining teeth without palatal coverage
Dental posts
Clip attachments
Temporary and permanent crowns and bridges
Bite plates
Retainer splints
The biggest advantage of these types of restorations is that there is no need to grind down neighbouring teeth.