She had neither pain nor recollection of the event

Erica is terribly afraid of the dentist, and when she found out she had to have seven of her teeth extracted, she was sure she could only have the operation done under sedation. According to her, she did not regret her decision: she had neither any pain nor any recollection of the event. Read more about Erica’s story below.

“I’ve been to multiple dental offices, and I’ve been disappointed more than once,” Erica says as she begins her story, “I’ve heard about Fehér Dent Esthetic Dentistry before, and I’ve even walked past it many times since I live close by. After many bad experiences I decided to try coming here, and I finally found what I was looking for.”

“This particular dentist from Szeged actually greeted me as if I was an old friend. Everyone in the office was amiable and approachable, which is especially important to me because I don’t like when the dentist and the patient don’t share a positive connection. This has actually happened to me quite often, probably because I am so afraid of the dentist.

Erica later found out that she was in good hands when she had to had two teeth extracted. She recalled, “I wanted to get both of the extractions over with as soon as possible, but I knew that I wouldn’t be able to do it while I was awake. Lucky for me, Fehér Dent Esthetic Dentistry has the option of sedated treatment, which I was not about to pass up.”

Regarding the treatment, all Erica remembers is being given the sedatives via intervenous injection, and the next thing she knew she was sitting beside her husband in the car ride home. “I’ve been told that between those two events two hours passed. I had a good experience. I didn’t feel any pain and my face didn’t swell (even though wisdom teeth were extracted). For any subsequent large procedures like this, I would definitely like them to be performed under sedation as well.”

The woman from Szeged has since then convinced her mother to do her implant procedure under conscious sedation. Her mother previously had such a procedure and stated that she would not like to repeat it. She was very satisfied with this type of treatment however. “They treated my daughter with this technique because she’s so afraid of the dentist she won’t even open her mouth. Now she’s willing to sit in the dental chair, but only under the condition that if they perform any treatment it is under conscious sedation,” Erica laughed as she recounted this story. Erica now recommends that all her friends perform their treatments this way at Fehér Dent Esthetic Dentistry.